Double arm

Double arm

KFDA, CE Certified

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*Double Arm is made after ordering, the delivery may be delayed by 2~3 business days"



Double arm has higher efficiency than L type or W type so that it brings better results with a smaller number of needles.

Model Number Needle Gauge Needle Length Thread Length USP Size One Package
FG-21-17 21G 150mm 410mm 0 1pcs
FG-21-07 21G 100mm 410mm 0 1pcs
FG-21-03 21G 100mm 310mm 0 1pcs
FG-20-17 20G 150mm 410mm 1 1pcs
FG-20-07 20G 100mm 410mm 1 1pcs
FG-20-03 20G 100mm 310mm 1 1pcs

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