Which payment methods does Haim Int'l accept?

Currently we accept payments via Wire Transfers.
There are many services such as WISE, Skrill, Revolut etc. that allows you to send money directly to the recipient’s bank account with your credit or debit cards.
The easiest way is to make the payment using WISE application, which takes no more than 5 minutes to make it.
WISE allows you to pay with your Debit or Credit Cards (Visa, Master, Amex).

Why Can't I pay with PayPal or Credit cards(Visa, Master, AMEX) on the site directly?

PayPal and global card companies(Visa, Master, AMEX) do not allow transactions for medical-related items such as botox and fillers on online stores directly and might ban such accounts at any moment. That’s why we decided it’s not worth the risk for us and for our customers and opted for different payment providers such as WISE, Skrill or Western Union ,etc. If you have any questions related to payment, contact us at haim@haimintl.com

How do I make a payment with WISE?

Wise allows you to send money with a bank transfer, or a debit or credit card.
To send a payment for purchasing simply follow this steps:

1. Download the Wise App or go to Wise Website(www.wise.com)
2. Register for free
3. Choose an amount to send
4. Add Haim International’s bank details. (The invoice with our bank detail will sent you your email)
5. Leave your order number in the note
6. Pay for your transfer

How long will a money transfer take??

WISE sends your money to our account within 15~30 minutes if your payment goes through correctly.

What's the next after payment?

If you leave your order number in the note when you make the payment via WISE, your order will be sent within 24 hours and you'll recieve the tracking number via your email.


How do I track my order?

Once your order has been processed and is ready for shipment, you will receive a tracking confirmation email from the courier.   If the tracking information shows your order as delivered and you never received and/or it is being returned to our warehouse, please contact Customer Service at haim@haimintl.com for assistance.

Are the products authentic and where are they produced?

All products are produced and manufactured in South Korea and guaranteed to be 100% authentic.

How can I make changes or cancel the order I just placed?

It is possible to make changes to your order or cancel it if the items have not already been packaged and shipped out. Once your order is processed in the warehouse, we cannot accept any changes or cancellations.   Please contact Customer Service at haim@haimintl.com with your order number to change or cancel your order.

How do I return or exchange an item?

Please understand that we do not accept returns or exchanges without prior return authorization. Therefore, if you need to return your order for some reason, please contact our Customer Service at haim@haimintl.com first to confirm. Once you are authorized to return the item(s), please follow all of the instructions provided. Item(s) must be returned in new, unused condition in its original packaging.   We recommend that all returns be sent via a traceable carrier. Keep the return tracking number associated with the package you are returning to ensure that the package is returned to our warehouse and send this tracking number to your Account Manager. Please note that we do not accept C.O.D. deliveries and lost return shipments will not be refunded.   For more detailed information, please refer to our Return and Refund Policy

Do you provide a return shipping label?

No. Returned products must be shipped at your own cost and we require that you use a traceable method of shipping. Lost return shipments will not be refunded. What if I received a product that is defective or damaged? If you have received a product that is defective or damaged, please contact customer service at haim@haimintl.com no later than 3 days after delivery date. We will not be able to assist you if you report your problem later than this period. You will need to provide order details, and submit relevant pictures and/or videos that show the problem that you want to report. For more detailed information, please refer to our Return and Refund Policy

I am missing a product from my order, what should I do?

If you are missing a product from your order: Please check the entire shipment box and its contents and compare the order received with your packing slip. If you are still missing a product, please contact Customer Service at haim@haimintl.com with the order number and list of any missing products. If the delivery box arrived damaged enough where a product could have fallen out, please email Customer Service at haim@haimintl.com with a photograph of the damaged packaging. You will also need to provide us with an order number and a list of any missing items.

I have received the wrong product(s) in my order, what do I do?

If you have received an incorrect product, we recommend that you contact Customer Service at haim@haimintl.com and give details of your order and someone will offer further assistance to help you resolve this issue.


Does importer need special qualifications to purchase products?

Please note, it is the responsibility of the importer (customer) to know the rules and regulations of a country. All of our products are approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration, and some of products approved by CE and US FDA. The importers(customers) are advised to check the laws of each country's Food and Drug Administration and customs before purchasing products. We are not responsible for importer’s local customs clearance and its healthy ministries issue.

Why are your products so cheap?

We have developed a relationship with our manufacturers and distributors; thus, we are able to sell the products at extremely competitive prices.

What type of documents or certificates are provided with the purchased products?

All of our products are manufactured in South Korea and have the required certificates confirming their authenticity and safety. Product information or certificates can be obtained from our website and through a Sales Manager upon request.

What do I do if I am having technical problems with the website?

If you want to report a technical issue with using our website, please send them to the following e-mail address: haim@haimintl.com

How do you store botulinum toxins in your warehouse?

We take special care in handling and storing all of our products in our warehouse. Our warehouse is fully equipped with refrigerators that store products containing botulinum toxins at a temperature of 2° C to 8° C. In this condition, they can be kept in storage for up to four years (depending on each product). We also monitor the room temperature of our warehouse storage facility and any shifts in temperature are detected by an electronic thermostat. Such strict compliance with storage conditions enables us to ensure our customers that all products containing botulinum toxins are effective and safe. We package and transport all products containing botulinum toxins a certain way to ensure the products stay cool.

How long does a refund take?

Once we receive notification from our warehouse that all goods have been returned, we will administer a refund which can take up to 14 business days; this is dependent on your bank’s processing times.

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